Public Engagement

Cafe Scientifique & LIVE with Scientists

Dr Bo Yao was the Director of Cafe Scientifique Manchester. Cafe Scientifique is a global forum for learning and discussing science and technology for the general public. We invite leading scientists to talk about their area of research in a relaxed and interactive format. All our events are free. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cafe Scientifique has evolved into LIVE with Scientists.

Science Communication


我在工作之余在 写写科普和博客.  你也可以搜索 ‘姚脑师‘ 关注我的微信公众号知乎和哔哩哔哩。 


  • Science & Tech interview by Reina Yaidoo on Sanguine on 27 June 2017
  • BBC interview by Geoff Watts on Radio 4 on 5 Dec 2014