EPiC lab welcomes two new PhD students

Olivia Mak graduated with a 1st class in BSc Psychology from the University of York, and then obtained a distinction for her MSc in Neuroimaging for Clinical and Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Manchester. She is funded by the MRC to study the neural and computational mechanisms of induced hallucinations in healthy and schizophrenic patients, supervised by Dr Bo Yao and Professor Bill Deakin.

Jaydan comes from the tiny British territory of Gibraltar – known for its monolithic rock and mischievous monkeys. His interests include technology and exploring the Peak District, which is now at his doorstep. After graduating from Bangor University with a 1st class BSc in Psychology, he undertook an MSc in Neuroimaging in which he investigated human-robot interaction. His current project is supervised by Dr Bo Yao and Dr Gorana Pobric and investigates different models of inner speech using non-invasive brain stimulation. ​​

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