New Norms for English Words

It’s all about the words

EPiC lab was involved in building the Glasgow Norms, a corpus of 5,553 words rated on 9 different dimensions – arousal, valence, dominance, concreteness, imageability, familiarity, age of acquisition, semantic size, and gender association – with ratings, on average, from 33 participants/word.  The norms include ratings of 379 ambiguous words that were presented alone (e.g., toast) or with disambiguation (toast (bread)toast (speech)).
The Glasgow Norms are now available from Behavior Research Methods (Open Access):
There are 3 sets of Supplementary materials:
1.Task instructions and scales used.
2.The norms (CSV file).
3.Linear and quadratic fits of the dimensions.
Scott, G., Keitel, A., Becirspahic, M., Yao, B., & Sereno, S. C. (2019). The Glasgow Norms: Ratings of 5,500 words on 9 scales. Behavior Research Methods, 51(3), 1258-1270.

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