Feeling arty at UoM Community Festival

​​What a fun and sunny day!

We gathered around Manchester Museum today for the very first Manchester Community Festival. The University has a strong vision on social responsibility and the festival provides a fantastic platform to connect scientists and local communities. We enjoyed all sorts of funky science and tech on show – from fluffy fungi to the anatomy of a human eye, from quizzes on healthy lifestyles to EEG-based emotion detector. Whoa, I wish I could see them all!

EPiC lab this time had taken an artistic route. We were curious to see if we could represent voices visually. We asked our visitors to listen to voices with different emotions (e.g., happy, sad, angry, etc.) and to depict them through the medium of art.

It was so fun! Our stall was overflowing with creativity. Lots of kids even wanted to do a second piece!

But the question is: Can we represent voices visually?

Let’s have a look at what our visitors had created. We picked six images. Can you guess what voices they may represent?

Have you got them right? 🙂

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